TRG Ranch Inc

Owner / Operator

Tom & Renae Stentz

Products / Specialization

Lowline Angus Beef & seed stock beef. These Australian lowline Angus that are more sustainable beef that come in a smaller frame with less bone without sacrifices of taste or tenderness. This results in more beef percentage wise than standard beef, without having to purchase as large of quantities. Our cows are typically live weight of 1,000 pounds and bulls about 1300-1500 pounds and no larger than 51 inches tall.

Location & Contact Info

PO Box 33
Spangle, WA 99031


Farm Bio

We are on the Spokane/Spangle border. My husband and children are multiple generation Spangle raised. We wanted a product that is geared more towards small families without sacrifices to taste and tenderness. Buy the beef or the animal to breed/raise your own. Our herd has many generations of Fullblood proven genetics traced to Triangie herds in Australia. In the US they are better known as Aberdeen, ours are registered with both the US and Australia.